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Patient FAQs

What should I bring to my appointment?
What should I wear?
What is the parking like?
Parking is free at both of our locations. Our North Lakes room’s parking is very convenient with parking at the rear of the building and underneath. We rarely have problems with finding car parks at these rooms. The Chermside rooms can be more challenging as there are limited spots behind the rooms. We recommend trying there first and if nothing is available there is street parking. Patients with hip or knee concerns are welcome to be dropped off while a car park is being located. Please be aware not to park over any of the yellow lines marked on the streets.
Will I need surgery?
This depends on your particular problem. Many orthopaedic conditions can be successfully treated without surgery, and others require surgery to fix. Dr Mathew will explain all the options, the pros and cons of each, and you can make an informed decision.
What hospitals does Dr Mathew operate at?
Dr Mathew operates at St Vincent’s Private Hospital at Rode Rd, Chermside for all procedures, including shoulder, hip, and knee replacements and patients who may be higher risk due to underlying conditions. Peninsula Private Hospital in George St, Kippa-Ring is where Dr Mathew will perform all procedures excluding any replacements and higher risk patients.  Usually, patients can choose the location they would prefer but as listed above there are some exceptions.
When can I drive after surgery?
Depending on the surgery you have had this can vary. It is usually 6 weeks but this hinges on whether you are still wearing a sling or brace and if you feel confident that you will have full control of your vehicle. For minor surgery 5-10 days is the norm.
Will I need Physiotherapy?
Your rehabilitaion is very important to us and to ensure you have the best results we may suggest you see a physiotherapist. We have phsiotherapists located in our rooms here but also work closely with other physiotherapists as well.
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