New patients & referrals

New patients and referrers

To make an appointment to see Dr Manoj Mathew at our rooms in North Lakes or Chermside, simply phone our friendly team or send us an email. Our contact details including fax number can be found on the contact us page.

A letter of referral from a recognised medical practitioner, usually your local GP will be required before your first visit with Dr Mathew. This referral enables you to claim your rebate from Medicare and gives us important information regarding your condition and medical history.

What to bring to your appointment

Referral letter from your GP, family physician or other doctor.

It is helpful if you wear clothing that allows for ready examination of the relevant body areas. Shorts or loose fitting pants generally allow for easy examination of most lower limb conditions. For shoulder conditions, clothing should allow for easy, painfree removal to allow sufficient exposure of the shoulder and neck and help with the examination.

Any previous medical records relevant to the current condition we are seeing you for.

A list of your current medications (if not detailed in your doctors letter).

Medicare card, Veteran Affairs card (where applicable) and/or Private health fund card for hospital cover.

WorkCover approved claim number (where applicable)

The initial appointment

The initial appointment involves collecting a detailed history relating to your current problem/problems, any past orthopaedic or general health issues. Following the examination and review of any available X-Rays or test results a treatment plan will be established. Initial appointments are given extra time to allow for this process and as such, attract a higher fee than subsequent appointments.

Sometimes further information (such as X-Rays, MRI scans, nerve conduction studies, targeted injections, blood tests etc) are needed to chart out the best plan of action for treatment of your condition. As these investigations may take some time to gather, a follow-up or review appointment may be required after these tests have been performed.

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