How to find us

Parking is free at both of our locations.


North Lakes

Our North Lakes room’s are located at 12 Endeavour Boulevard, North Lakes.

Parking is usually readily available with parking at the rear of the building and underneath. We rarely have problems with finding car parks at these rooms. You will find our rooms at the end of the building just before you go down the ramp to the underground parking. Look for the sign that says Lakes Medical Specialists.



Our Chermside rooms are located at 5 Hilltop Ave, Chermside.

The parking can be more challenging as there are limited spots behind the rooms. We recommend trying there first and if nothing is available there is street parking. Patients with hip or knee concerns are welcome to be dropped off while a car park is being located. Please be aware not to park over any of the yellow lines marked on the streets. These rooms are not located in the hospital.

Phone (07) 2101 4323 to book an appointment today